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MPG from new 2.0 CDTi SE Nav auto

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  • MPG from new 2.0 CDTi SE Nav auto

    Your figure will go up considerably going to Germnay but be prepared for the auto to dictate to you how to drive and not the other way around!!!

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    22??? That ain't right even if you're doing crawling along mileage!


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      That's a lot of utter bollocks! I'm doing the 200 mile thing at there expense as my dealer thinks there is something wrong as I'm averaging 30 mpg. My idle is higher than normal even when warm and my auto is hanging in gear therefore over revving thus using more fuel! If I was getting 22 out of any car other than a 4x4 with a thirsty V8 diesel or a sports car I'd be jumping mad! Wait, I am jumping mad just now!


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        Definitely. Ask most on here and they will say that the amount of fuel used to power AC, heaters etc is tiny. 22 is ridiculously low. My V6 Discovery auto averaged 28.5 mpg thrught the horrendous winter 2 years ago. I'd be getting your car back in!


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          That's good. What was your average speed to achieve that?


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            That's very good! Cheers