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Bluespark any good?

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  • Bluespark any good?

    Hello, my apologies if this is in the wrong section.

    I've been looking at getting the Bluespark Pro + Boost in order to give my car a bit of a kick and (hopefully) improve the MPG, however I'm a bit of a miser and don't like spending much money Just wanted to know if other people on the forum have fitted the box, and if it's worth the 279.99?

    For background, my car is a 2.0 CDTi 163PS, and the website says it'll go from 163PS to 203PS, however I'm guessing that's an exaggerated estimation? If people would argue otherwise I'd be mindblown


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    I think you are about right in exaggerated figures .
    now I'll admit I don't own a insignia
    but I had a DTUK CRD2 box on my old Saab 9-3 150 and it did liven up the whole effect
    with multiple orgasums the touch of a button .
    also the beauty is you can remove it.
    i brought mine second hand for 110 so cheap
    only thing to be aware of is your clutch.
    and DPF because it fools the Fuel pressure sensor into thinking there's not enough fuel . So injects more
    thus can cause DPF issues
    but if you Google the thing you are after then I think the VAG guys like them
    but on a side note at that price you are getting into the realms of a remap which if done properly will not cause DPF issues.

    your money your choice



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      Thanks lizzard-t, that's very helpful, especially knowing that it basically just injects more fuel. So in terms of keeping the car alive longer it may not be the best option?

      Seems like decisions like this always boil down to 2 different things, both with huge advantages and cons.

      I shall keep scouring the internet until I either die or make a decision that will ultimately make me feel buyers remorse anyways