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    Dave, this may sound daft but speed up! My siggy non Eco 160 gets much better mpg when cruising at 80 ish and worse when around 60!! Strange but true!

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    I what ways???
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      Fursty Ferret, on 05 February 2013 - 12:03 PM, said:
      Did your fuel economy increase with age / mileage on your Insignia???Mine's got 600 miles on it now and not really coming anywhere near to what I'd expect on longish motorway cruises, regardless of speed.??

      According to the Dept. of Transport website, when cars are put through the official test, they have to be run-in and must have been driven for at least 1800miles (3000km).

      The test is done in lab conditions on a rolling road, so there is no accounting for hills or wind resistance.

      Ambient temperature during testing should be between 20oC and 30oC. (summer temperature in a good year).

      The total distance covered over the urban and extra-urban cycles is only 6.8miles (11km).


      IMHO a modern diesel engine needs about 10,000miles on the clock before it has fully loosened off.
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        On my daily commute of 8 miles each way, plus a weekly shopping run of about 6 miles, over the winter months I have been averaging 32 - 34 mpg.

        Took a trip to South Tyneside today, to collect a set of 19" VXR rims (Thanks very much to PeterM). Averaged 45.5 mpg over the 280 mile round trip.

        Quite happy with that considering the nature of the roads. Lots of hills and twists and turns with just the odd long straight stretch.
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          Ice_Storm, on 21 February 2013 - 12:13 PM, said:
          just done a trip up to Aberdeen then across to Elgin and back down to Glasgow total of 465 miles of mixed A roads and cruising at 70 on the dual carriageways returned an average of 52.9MPG over the whole trip really happy with that. Mines a 5 month old 160 CDTI SRI not sure if its an ecoflex engine or do i find out?

          Unless it has been de-badged, there will usually be an Ecoflex badge on the right hand corner of of the tailgate/boot lid.

          I think the engine is basically the same. There are some changes to the gearing, underbody, tyres, and ECU software.
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            Having heard so much about the mpg concerns, I checked mine the other morning from cold engine, on my 44 mile journey to work.??Route is A16/A18 a little winding, but easily sit at 50-60mph. Returned 53.7mpg in a 09 160 ecoflex ST