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53.1 MPG quite good i thought

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  • 53.1 MPG quite good i thought

    Best I have had is 45mpg on a round trip to Sunderland. Thought that wasn't too bad for an auto.

    Daily commute is averaging 32 - 34 mpg.
    Elite ST 2.0i Auto. Power Red With All The Toys

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    If I reset the trip as I get on the motorway then I get 53mpg on a run of about 40 miles. but around town (London) I'm luck if I get 30


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      Had today off, woke up, fancied a drive.

      After a 280 mile chill out trip (A82 to Spean Bridge, A86 to Newtonmore, A9 back down) parked up and found this on the DIC (non Ecoflex)


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        Beat my 60mpg (above #9) today, reached the heady heights of 63.6 which beats the book figure of my model by 2.2, well chuffed.

        Just hit 20k miles as well today, maybe it's just starting to loosen up


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          JDR, on 17 August 2013 - 11:23 AM, said:
          When I am idling my obc says 0.1 gallons per hour, sometimes 0.2, I still forgot I have start / stop most of the time.

          I don't have start stop and mine says that. Surely if you stop your engine stops and it should be 0


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            The OBC does take into account idle and reduces mpg and average speed accordingly.


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              I'm not commenting on the appropriateness of it, just confirming that for me on my 59 plate elite nav it is taken into account - you can watch the ave speed and ave consumption reduce. I guess depending on how long your average has been running the impact of idle time on the average would change. I reset my averages with every refuel so only ever have up to 750 miles being taken into account. If you've never reset it and have covered 100,000 miles an hour of idle time isn't likely to impact the average.

              With regards to how it does it, it must simply feed in the 0.2gallons p/h over the same mileage to reduce the average economy. For speed, it is obviously 0mph feeding into the calculations at all time.

              Actually, I think I will comment on the appropriateness of it - if you are making a journey and you don't take into account idle time (say at traffic lights or in other traffic), your average speed and mpg would bear no resemblance to the time/distance (used for a manual average speed calc) covered nor the actual amount of fuel used to make the journey (eg a 50 mile trip and OBC showing 50mpg because it excludes idle indicates you've only used 1 gallon - but with idle you know you've not only used 1 gallon. Therefore, to have figures that bear no resemblance to what has actually happened would be, to quote you, "completely nonsense".