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2.0 160 TD Auto MPG.

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  • 2.0 160 TD Auto MPG.

    I'm getting 34 - 35 mpg from a 2.0 BiTurbo auto
    Elite ST 2.0i Auto. Power Red With All The Toys

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    I was getting 28-31 on my auto 160! Mixed driving! They ain't great on juice!


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      Different software on different cars!! Mines was crap due to crap software!! The update that's being carried out just now may help yours! Plus the design of the auto box to stay in the lower gear doesn't help! Sitting cruising at 40 in 4th kills your mpg! I had a DSG Passat ( boring car) when the siggy was in Luton for 6 weeks! It never returned under 42 mpg doing the same routes as the siggy which achieved 28-29! The DSG would cruise along in 5th at 33-35 mph and 6th at 40 this promoting Efficency! The siggy was sadly lacking in this department! Plus CO2 are much higher for the siggy auto than its rivals!


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        You should be able to get 50+. I do when on the motorway.


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          OK what business are you in? Got odd images of you going off the beaten track with 3 fellas


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            Sounds interesting at least. Probably isn't though really