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  • Tyre pressure

    What pressures?

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    The onboard display is only meant to monitor operating conditions, and will show whatever you set the tyres to, +/- a couple of psi.

    It is not meant to be a super accurate representation, but rather a means of indicating abnormal conditions, such as a tyre going down, or pressures that are dangerously different across an axle.

    You should still check/set your pressures regularly at each wheel, with an accurate pressure gauge.
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      35 all round will give a balance between economy and comfort.


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        Sirus10, on 23 January 2014 - 09:18 PM, said:
        It does says something...but not in psi. Some strange numbers in the hundreds - 230? Have tried to figure it out, but am stuck.

        That's 230kpa, or 2.3bar. To convert kpa to psi, multiply by 0.145. E.g 230kpa x 0.145 = 33.4psi

        The recommended pressures for all car model and tyre size combinations are in the handbook, somewhere near the back.

        The tables give the pressures in both kpa and psi.

        For 2.0CDTi Sport Tourer, 37psi all round is probably a good compromise setting between comfort and economy.
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          I think so.. 42psi is listed as the rears fully loaded I think. Please check the manual first though!


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            After me service,

            we're the 20s were at 34.vx,who know all about 'vauxhall' set them all to 30!

            Now I know all the tyre sensor work at least!


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              Chubbs, on 30 January 2014 - 09:51 PM, said:
              I found that after altering my tyre pressures for a loaded car because of a journey but didn't have time to lower them again and drove with driver and one passenger I had wheel spin in damp and wet roads and that the car seemed to drift on bends without doing excessive speeds, so I'll be keeping to manufacturers recommendations of 32psi all round when cold.

              agree with the sliding around although should be 32 front and 29 rear


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                eco is 39/38


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                  my mistook, comfort is 32/29, I also run 18's


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                    algreene, on 08 May 2014 - 06:59 PM, said:
                    I find wind is a massive factor for mpg.. probably more than tyre pressure.

                    Ah that would explain my poor mpg. Need to stop eating baked beans....


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                      Break wind. Windows down to get fresh air. Poor aerodynamics as drag increase. Explains it all