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2L turbo mpg help

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  • 2L turbo mpg help

    I've heard good reports about Shell V power helping with better mpg! Worth a change?

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    With an average speed of 16mph over 200 miles, I am not entirely surprised.

    I would guess that in the first week, you have mostly done very short trips, or have spent a lot of time in slow moving traffic queues.

    Both scenarios will hammer fuel economy. And at this time of year, longer warm up times, and extensive use of headlights, rear screen heater and front screen demist/defrost are all going to aggravate the issue.

    Duct, on 12 January 2014 - 10:33 AM, said:
    Car is on 25k and was serviced at 20k. Although it does say oil life is around 30% so don't see how it's going to do another 15k to next service.

    Oil life also counts down based on time since last service, as well as mileage. It might only be 5k since the last service, but if that was done 8 months ago, that will be why the oil life is down to 30%. I think the frequency of warm-up cycle has an impact too.

    If it was serviced pretty recently, then the workshop didn't reset the service life clock.
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