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Picture of the month competition appeal- old and new members

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  • Picture of the month competition appeal- old and new members

    Right guys

    As you know the forum runs a Picture of The Month competition every single month.

    Now, the current competition is running right now, but it seems no one can really be bothered to vote this month.

    We’ve had 12 voters so far, which is basically shite, considering there are nearly 400 active members regularly accessing the forum.

    We don’t ask for much on here and when you come on with a issue, the guys do try their best and help you to resolve your issue.

    So, I’m appealing for your help now guys.

    Can you take a minute or so and click this link

    and choose which car you think should be awarded the picture of the month.

    The best thing is..............its ABSOLUTELY FREE – GRATIS – NOWT – ZILCH – to vote.

    We’re not asking you to put your hand in your sky rocket and pull out a tenner – its basically a click of a mouse.

    If you haven’t voted or entered this month’s competition, then there’s always the future months to do so, but please please please cast your vote.
    So c’mon guys.......especially to the new members who have just joined – lets make this month and every other month a success.

    Thanks in advance.

    The Admin Team.