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  • Pay monthly service plans

    MY stealers (penfolds) offered me a 3 year plan 2 minor and 1 major service over the next 3 years for ?18 per month which is ?216 per year.

    At ?175 for the minor and ?195 for the major. they're making even more money out of me! So I put ?20 per month into a savings account I then have a enough to pay for the service when it comes up and a bit left over for a beer....or two

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    m8internet, on 07 April 2014 - 02:06 PM, said:

    Presumably you don't require the OE service, as the OE warranty has expired

    You are eligible for the Masterfit Service Club discount, which also gives half price MoT

    You may as well just save money into an interest bearing account and then use this at each service and MoT

    £20 per month for two years will give you £240 each year and should cover both services (including additional items like Brake Fluid and one set of pads) plus a small contigency for MoT

    Just sort of half read this and thought it said a Maserati Service. I thought WTF!!!