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fsh, what value does this add?

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  • fsh, what value does this add?

    Morning all, what real difference does having a fsh have or even fvsh?

    My car is due it's 5th service (@ 62k miles), basically an oil and filter change from what i know. Car has fvsh until now.

    Just gets me that these are ?150 (ish) ata local stealer.

    I can get the parts and oil myself and do the job for ?50.

    Is the service stamp really worth ?100?

    Car will be owned for the next 3 years or so or until about 150k miles.

    Appreciate your opinions...

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    Any car I've had out of warranty has been done at my local Indy. As long as it's documented it's still a service history. I always got them to use VX parts.


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      So if i didn't want to pay dealer prices and got it serviced at an independent, it would still look good on any history checks etc.

      Car is out of warranty (2nd owner). And private warranty for 12 months (at time of purchase) runs out mid december. 59 plate sri cdti with 62k miles, growing at 30k miles per year.