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Insignia CDTI 160 issues

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  • Insignia CDTI 160 issues

    The wooshing noise could be the infamous intercooler hose that's split
    ​2015 Sri vx line nav Biturbo . Sri heated leather.5500k AFL . Vx line 20s,8inch LCD dash .FLEXride.Reverse cam.Irmscher grill.235hp and 480 torqs.30mm lowering springs.20mm H&R spacers all round. Mtec drilled discs on rear,VXR 355mm drilled on front,with Brembo 4 pot calipers. Auto wipers .VX puddle lights.Carbon effect black roof wrap.Irmscher roof spoiler.Irmscher side skirts.

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    Start off with a code reader. But thoughts are;

    1. Probably duff glowplug, check resistance with multimeter.

    2. Not sure, could be a regen??

    3. If it sounds like a cow mooing, probably boost control valve. Parts about ?50. 10 minute job. Located on slam panel sliggt right of centre when you open the bonnet.


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      P.s. welcome amd if all else fails, disconnect battery neg for 15 minutes!


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        exclusiv., on 01 December 2014 - 09:05 PM, said:
        The wooshing noise could be the infamous intercooler hose that's split



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          Just check the boost pipe. If there is a split, extra soot will block the DPF very soon!


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            There are two rubber boost pipes. One is running from the turbo to the bottom of the intercooler. And the second one from the bottom of the intercooler and connects to the plastic intake manifold pipe with special clip. Mostly splits are under that clip

            41mpg i would say it's normal.