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Space saver too small!

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  • Space saver too small!

    Hi all,

    I have a small problem with my space saver! It is a genuine GM unit, but it is 16" rather than 17". I had to put it on the other night due to a screw in the tread of the main tyre (18" Elite alloy), and found that the car would not move! The wheel is obviously too small for the car, as it was grinding against the brake calipers! Luckily the car was at home and not in the middle of a motorway...

    Now my question is who would be accountable for this? I only bought the car in January, and have had a few problems which are still being looked into by the dealers (non VX) so do I bring this up with them as well? Do they have to sort as they have effectively supplied a part that is not fit for purpose? Or do I go back to VX as the supplied unit will not fit my vehicle? I'm guessing they'll just say it has probably been replaced and therefore won't be interested!

    Any advice appreciated!

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    Certainly the place you bought it from. Chances are they've supplied the spare not Vx


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      You are putting the space saver on the rear aren't you?

      If you have a flat in the front, you should swap the back to front and fit the space saver on the rear.


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        Makes sense as the front wheel have the power and a larger brake setup


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          Thanks all, it was the rear wheel (offside) anyway, as it had the screw in it!

          I'll add it to the list of things I'm complaining to the dealer about...