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How long do your tyres last

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  • How long do your tyres last

    As the title - My car from new has done 7500 miles now and have just swapped the front to rear etc (as the front ones were getting close to 1/2 the original tread).??Based on this i estimate roughly around 20,000 miles from a set of tyres before they are at the minimum (but i'll start looking for new ones at around 3mm).??How many miles is everyone else getting out of tyres as a matter on interest?

    P.S - Title should say do, instead of fo!

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    Title edited.

    Normally anything from 20-30k on a set. Best I've done was with Nankangs. Bought car with 17k and sold it with 37k and tyres still had 5mm all round.

    Current tyres are Michelin Energys and I've done 8k and still have 7mm all round.


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      Mixed driving. Probably more around town. With continentals fronts changed at 20k. Rears getting close now at 26k. Never swapped around.


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        Mixed driving I get around 25k on dunlop sport maxx rt