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  • brake upgrade

    Ordered a tuning box for my 160 diesel. Now no point having extra power if you cant stop it. Anyone recommend me some brake pads and/or discs to upgrade to. Dont want vxr bremo set up but something better than oem

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    Don't the Audi s4 brakes fit,sure ive read someone fitting them?


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      Whilst I'm not going to knock you for wanting better brakes, I don't understand the logic of wanting them because you've got power. Surely you are not going to be going any faster then the speed limits you currently abide by anyway!


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        Its for when you brake immediately after accelerating your car has an increase in momentum


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          Thanks Penfold. My GCSE physics was telling me that, but I wasn't confident enough in my memory to state it!


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            I'm assuming it's for the same reason a vxr has bigger brakes.

            That also has roughly the same mass and will be travelling at the same velocity (when on roads restricted by the speed limits of course).

            Mmiah, unless going for more power later just uprate to some aftermarket doscs and pads, or simply upgrade the pads if your current discs are fine. (Cheap option).

            Next stage would be vxr set up, which are believe are a full swap of discs calipers etc with a brake pipe swop too. But probably pricey.

            It's the same debate as hid vs halogen. No you don't need them, but having the better light gives confidence when driving at normal road speeds.

            Just my thoughts. ..


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              Leecrellin, on 24 July 2014 - 10:56 PM, said:
              I went for grooved and drilled mtec with green stuff pads , works sweet as a nut , would recommend :-)

              Think it was about ?250 ish for front and rear :-)

              Can you send me a link of what disc and pads you got? Been trying to find on eBay but can't see any for inaignia. Cheers


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                I haven't done this on the insignia but i did upgrade my old vectra Sri to the bigger gsi brake set up and unrated the springs to eibach. I found that both were very worthwhile when driving at normal speeds and within the limits and just inspired more confidence. I drive a good deal with work as well as a 60 mile round commute and am an instructor for an advanced driving system but there's only so much anticipating you can do on roads without some bellend cutting you up or something. Being able to stop bit quicker certainly ticks the boxes for me and i will be upgrading when the time comes for replacements.