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Vibration and noise on stationary turning

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  • Vibration and noise on stationary turning

    Yup I had this, power steering pressure pipe had split so it was leaking fluid causing it to grind. Bought the parts and paid my mechanic ?80 to fit the new pipe & belt and its better than new now. Cost me ?109 for parts from my dealer so ?190 all in for a job that the dealers wanted ?280 to do

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    This is just for info.

    It is bad practice to turn the steering whilst the car is stationary and should be avoided whenever possible, especially with modern wide low profile tyres fitted.

    It puts very high loads through the steering components, especially the track rod ends, ball joints and power assistance systems.

    Depending on the surface the car is standing on, and the all-up weight at the time, it can also damage the tyres. The tread surface can be torn, and there can be internal damage within the tread plies.

    It is better to have the car in motion when making any steering inputs. Even a gentle creep, foward or backward, will greatly reduce the steering load.
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