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Strange tyre situation

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  • Strange tyre situation

    Personally, I'd stick a budget on the front. As many know I'm not a tyre snob and I always swap the factory fitted ones when the time comes to budgets.

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    Personally, I would never mix brands or patterns on an axle, so I would suggest option 1 as the logical step.

    In the short term, I would suggest replacing the worn front Dunlop with a new ContiSport Contact 3 to match the front left, and have the alignment checked.

    A new tyre will have the closest match in tread depth to the one on the front left, and will therefore minimise differential pull on the steering.

    Then, when the rears get down to about 3mm depth, replace them as a pair. The choice then of whether to go for a premium or budget brand I leave to you.

    It used to be a common practice, but nowadays it is not recommended to rotate tyres around the car.

    Some manufacturers and fitters say that you can move rear tyres to the front axle, but to keep them on the same side of the car.
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      T-Dawg, on 27 October 2014 - 06:12 PM, said:
      Do you reckon sticking with the 3 is better than going with the 5? The only reason I mention the 5 is because it has better Euro fuel economy and wet grip ratings by a fair margin and is pretty much the same price... figure if I'm spending ?150 I may as well do it right. But then if it's too different I wouldn't want to risk it

      It goes back to what I said about not mixing patterns across an axle. That's why I suggested the 3. The 5 is likely to have a different rolling resistance, so you might still get "pull" on the steering if you mix with a 3. You could certainly put 5's on the rear when the time comes, and then 5's on the front next time round
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