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    I have just got 4 Dunlop sport M3 winter tyres on the car.??They feel fine now, as they should do, but come the proper winter, i'm sure i'll feel the benefit.??My last cars were Vectra C Estates and i always put winter tyres on at about this time.??They have saved me a few times, especially where i live....??What's your concern??? P.S. you can't have studded tyres in the UK - where are you from?

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    Mattaellingsen, on 10 November 2014 - 08:33 PM, said:
    Live in Norway so i MUST have wintertyre i have 17" now, but they look to small on the big ST, so i was thinking to use my summer rims (10 spoke 19") in the winter and buy som new rims for the summer.

    but i have heard that the insignia on 19" wintertyres are a mess on the road.

    LOL - Not sure about the 19" being a mess on the road... I'll let you know next year, when we have had winter ??I hope not though.??I've driven in Norway (Oslo) quite a lot in the past with proper studded tyres on and they make a massive difference, here in the UK, not being studded is a different story i'm afraid. But winter tyres do make a significant difference in the wet and cold weather we have here in winter and i can make it up my steep driveway in the snow with winter tyres on, otherwise the car would live at the bottom of a steep hill in winter


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      If the 19" work in Poland and Norway, then they'll be fine in good, wet, cold old England!