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Can I swap 225/55 for 225/50 winter tyres on my 2016 Saloon?

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  • Can I swap 225/55 for 225/50 winter tyres on my 2016 Saloon?

    Old: 225/55 17"
    These: 225/50 17"

    Dealer suggested to order 225/55 ones instead cos "it's a big car". I trust him, he's probably right, just wanted to know if I can use these slightly thinner ones. I'll get a better price and they're a better brand (Hankook).

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    You can play around with tyre sizes on this comparison calculator or I think the back of the handbook recommends suitable tyre sizes for winter tyres.
    255/35-R20 tires are 0.28 inches (7 mm) larger in diameter than 245/35-R20 tires and the speedometer difference is 1.0%


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      All right. I checked on and first. A third site also got the model right but not accurate enough to list all possible sizes.

      So I checked the manual. You need the engine code, and that's tied to the chassis number. I'd taken some pictures of the stickers inside the doors and with I could get the engine code. This is the only site I recommend, the others were more interested in getting paid or showing history (which you can get from just the registration plate). But I can also get a confirmation from my Opel shop in the morning.

      Manual says yes.
      Click image for larger version

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