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4 new Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres

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  • 4 new Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres

    Tis a good price.

    I got some 19s on my last car,just short of 900 quid each !

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    Tis a good price and just as well. Just replaced a pair of these (also 18s) that I had fitted to the fronts last summer, 10.4k before they were binned and before you ask I don't rag the car. I regularly see 40mpg on commuting, low to mid 50's on long trips with a best ever of 63.6 (non ecoflex tractor) - go figure...............................


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      I use dunlop sport maxx rt on my 17s and they are amazing on dry and wet roads. Slammed down on the brakes once in the pouring rain and i mean it was hammering it down, was doing 60mph on a dual carriage way that had part time light. Didnt see the red light till i was almost at the line because a high lorry was blocking it. Was so scared i would go aquaplanning across the road but no. The tyres gripped so hard it felt like the tarmac was being ripped off the road.

      Wonder what they will be like on snow?


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        ah, that would explain it, it was the RT's I had


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          That much for 18" tyres! Flog them and get bigger


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            andy-g, on 17 January 2014 - 09:57 PM, said:

            Each !!!!!!

            Were they made of gold ??

            Worse thing,I sold the car a month later!


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              Hi Guys

              The 2 best sites are as follows:



              Both offer great tyres ate great prices and can include fully fitted.service. - If anyone needs tyres.


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                Check out asda tyres too.


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                  If you use Blackcircles you can pay monthly to if you want to spread the cost

                  I have just the Rt s fitted to my car and they have made the car feel a lot better to drive and it is quieter too , I did have the wheel alignment checked and adjusted ( using a hunter system ) when I had the tyres fitted


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                    How? Wouldn't get any 19" tyre for ?60 a piece


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                      You can get 245/45/18's for ~?70 but this would be offset by the cost of the roofbars needed to carry your new ladder that would be required to help you crawl out of the ditch, notwithstanding the detrimental effect on your mpg by carrying all this additional crap


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                        My RTs have done over 15k miles and still going