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tyre " jumping" on slow speed turn

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  • tyre " jumping" on slow speed turn

    700 for a driveshaft? Really?

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    Cv joints wouldnt cause the tyres to slip or jump. When cv joints go you get a clicking grinding noise. Sounds more like the differentials not working properly


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      Had a similar thing on a Fiat Bravo (my wife's - not mine I hasten to add) many years ago and it was the diff, ended up needing a complete new gearbox


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        rshirlaw, on 28 January 2014 - 08:06 PM, said:
        That's their estimate all in with labor too.??I was more surprised by them not being able to tell me if it's that or gearbox. They're mechanics if ones broken it that if it's not is the other surely. Want expecting a cheap fix but holy .... ! Gutted

        They're not mechanics, they are technicians. Key difference is that whilst, with the help of a computer, the technicians can fin their way round an engine, mechanics can diagnose properly and understand what things are and more importantly what they do!