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Will 4x4 springs fit a 2wd?

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  • Will 4x4 springs fit a 2wd?

    I've got hold of a set of lowering springs but they are from an insignia 4x4. From what I can see they look the same as what are on my car but the question is, will they fit?

    Anybody have much knowledge on this?

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    Just checked online. The 4x4 weighs more so your car will sit higher up than it already does on the 4x4 springs.

    Karl yours is 65kg lighter on the front and 90kg lighter on the back compare to a 4x4 cdti ST.

    But then again with all your kit in the boot....


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      Not just about the overall weight of the car. The unsprung weight also has an impact on spring rates. The 4x4 rear springs will have been rated to account for the drive shafts, CV joints, stub shafts, bearings and heavier suspension arms.

      Put the same springs on a standard 2wd, and not only will the car sit higher, the ride is also likely to be very harsh, and grossly under damped.
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