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P0008 p0017 2.8 v6

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  • P0008 p0017 2.8 v6

    Hi are these codes telling me my timing is stretched p0008 engine position system performace bank1 and p0017 crankshaft camshaft position correlation bank1 sensor b these come on now and again all help appreicated guys and if it is a timing chain replacement time any one sugguest a good.mechanic cheers

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    Hello Yaza01 .
    Dose the engine sound rattley at the timing end of the engine ?
    P0008 dose suggest worn out worn out timing chains , gears , chain guides .
    You always know if you look at the code P= power train . First number 0 = generic code second number 0= fuel / air , third number 08 = engine position performance bank 1 .
    You may be lucky and could just be worn out or broken wire to either cam / crankshaft sensor .
    P0017 suggests crank and camshaft positioner in bank 1 are not in sync with each other on some engines it can suggest a blockage or partially blocked oil pathway in the oil control valve filter , but where that is ???
    A good mechanic?
    You don't show your location so that's guess work .



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      West midlands mate cheers


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        I have the same problem P0017. i changed the set of chains but again it shows the same problem P0017. Has anyone solved that problem?


        Nenad M.

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          hello ShoneSRB.
          this thread is from 2019 and most of the participants don't come on any more
          Best bet is to start a new thread outlining your issues
          What codes you have ,what you have done
          and first and foremost
          Age of insignia Engine type, engine code
          Mileage ,where you come from

          It all helps with the answers.



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