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P0134 = O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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  • P0134 = O2 Sensor Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

    Car is 2015 Holden GA Insignia VXR, engine A28NET.

    Been getting this error intermittently. Have pulled the sensor out and checked wiring and connectors - nothing obvious, so probably need a new sensor. Holden want $400 for the part; eBay has them for around $80. However, suppliers contacted so far say they only have the post-cat sensor, not the pre-cat (sensor 1).

    From looking at pictures they appear to be the same - anyone know if they are inter-changeable? That is, if I buy what a supplier tells me is a post-cat sensor, will it work correctly if installed in the pre-cat position? There aren't that many Insignia VXRs in Australia, so can't be sure the suppliers are all knowledge on this engine.


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    Most sensors are made by Bosch so if you can get a part number you could cross reference with Bosch.


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      Very good Bosch document on O2 sensors here.


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        Bosch part number ( pre catalyst LS10106)
        bosch part number ( post catalyst bank 1 sensor 1 i.e. Cylinder bank with cylinder number 1 LS10107)
        the thing is ,is that sometimes the picture you see is not excatley the picture of the sensor you will receive
        so don't go by pictures go by part number.

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          Thanks. So LS10106 I think relates to the longer Bosch part number of 0258010106. And your second LS10107 should be Bank 1 Sensor 2 shouldn't it, being post-cat? Also (and someone can correct me if I'm off-course) this engine only has 2 sensors. While the OBD software says Bank 1 Sensor 1, there are no Bank 2 sensors because both banks combine prior to the turbo and then Sensor 1 is immediately after the turbo and Sensor 2 is after the cat.

          Where it gets confusing for part numbers is that there seem to be multiple possibilities, Another site I've found says 0258986733 (see following image) for Sensor 1 (pre-cat). I'm beginning to think that the actual sensors do the same job and the multiple part numbers relate to cable length, connector type and are maybe varied for different vehicle manufacturers (even though two different part numbers could be identical components). For example, it looks like the equivalent sensor for this engine in a Saab has a part number of 12619211. If I buy 12619211, will it do the job in an Insignia VXR? I'm guessing it probably would. If I buy LS10107 (post-cat sensor) and install it in the pre-cat position, will it work? Again, my guess is it would as the only difference is probably the cable length (post-cat is slightly longer). I'm digging into this because there aren't many Holden Insignia VXRs in Australia and I'm struggling to find a local supplier of the pre-cat sensor specifically for my vehicle (at a sensible price).

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Bosch O2 Sensor.jpg Views:	0 Size:	55.9 KB ID:	281920