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My 1.6 CDTi SRi Nav Grand Sport

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    So, being to the dealership to get the USB replaced with the new version, and it now has a USB port and an Auxiliary port. It also touch wood, seems to be working, and not turning itself off now, so that is good news. Don't have a before photo, but after photo is below. The dealership also buffed the scratch out of the car for free as well, so all good.

    Forgot to look at weather app, will try and remember next time I am in the car.

    As for the headlights, after Driving my wifes car with normal headlights, I really did feel like I was missing my car's head lights, so I think if you can afford them, get the LEDs as they are one of the 2 things I miss most when switching cars.


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      Hopefully it keeps working!

      Scratch??? How did you get that??


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        Originally posted by TheKnight_RS View Post
        Scratch??? How did you get that??
        I think my daughter did it with a plastic wand, but not 100% sure, but you can not tell it was there now.


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          Very nice, with a nice few options.
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