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  • Parking sensors and Bluetooth question!

    Hi I have a insignia 2009 Sri to scrap due of seal. I bought another 2011 ecoflex and I m trying to put the good thinks from the Sri to this new one and my question is:
    How easy is to bring the Bluetooth from the 2009 to my new one? I have cd400 but no Bluetooth!
    I change the front bumper...
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  • Bluetooth moduel 13334026 db

    Hi I got a Insignia which the engine gone. On that car I had Bluetooth. I bought another insignia but donít have. Anyone know how to instal our any video on YouTube about. I would like to have in this new car! Sorry about my English...thanks
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  • gooba
    started a topic aditional bluetooth

    aditional bluetooth

    If ive got bluetooth for the phone on a 2013 cdti sri can I make music bluetooth active? is it as easy as that or do I need modules etc???
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  • ade555
    started a topic Elm327 Bluetooth

    Elm327 Bluetooth

    I trying to find out if you using and which Bluetooth reader you use with android app, mainly for DPF not to bothered about codes ect. There is millions on ebay but looking for something that has been tested by member.

    Thanks in advance
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  • new screen dvd dab sat nav bluetooth

    WoChengShun 2Din Automatic Automatic Radio Vertical Screen Recorder Navigation Stereo GPS Car DVD Multimedia Player - for Opel Insignia Android would love to know if any one has in stalled this system and if so whats it like thanks
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  • Dayloon
    started a topic Music via bluetooth

    Music via bluetooth

    Hi all,
    I've got a 2012 insignia with bluetooth but of course it only supports phone calls for whatever ridiculous reason. Is there any way of adding a 3rd party bluetooth adapter? The cable connection is so unreliable, it only plays music through 1 speaker unless you push and turn the cable...
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  • robbo137
    started a topic bluetooth


    hi i will soon have my insignia elite 2.0 2012 , just a quick one it has a cd400 installed which has a phone feature (bluetooth) for calls, Can i stream my mp3 library threw this as well or do i need to go usb route thanks guys
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  • Fithawk
    started a topic Bluetooth. Music loading..........

    Bluetooth. Music loading..........

    Iím getting music loading, in bluetooth from iPhone. Takes ages sometimes. But donít get the same issue in other cars? Any ideas? Cheers.
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  • HutPaul
    started a topic Getting Bluetooth for CD500 navi

    Getting Bluetooth for CD500 navi

    Hi guys, looking for some help.
    I've got 60 plate Insignia 2.0 sri cdi and have a cd500 navi installed. Everything is in place for the phone, mics, shark fin aerial, etc, but no bluetooth (obviously an older model), can anyone advise how I can upgrade the unit to include bluetooth?
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  • steveg
    started a topic dvd800 bluetooth

    dvd800 bluetooth

    I have a dvd800 in my 2009 insignia elite, the car has everything except hands free. is it possible to fit a Bluetooth module from another insignia , would it be plug and play or does it need programming in. if it cant be done does anyone have any recommendations on hands free
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  • bluetooth connection problem

    I got an SRI with navi 800 today (2009) and have been playing with the infotainment centre tonight. I tried connecting my phone but the navi and my phone can't see each other. Bluetooth is activated on both devices, and I get the screen "Ready to pair in next 3 minutes, Code 1234" on the...
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  • L05tB0y
    started a topic Bluetooth ???

    Bluetooth ???

    Hi new here, ive just got myself a 59 reg insignia sri Deisel. The problem is i have th Nav 800 unit in the car but i cant seem to find a way to connect my phone. It has 3 phone buttons to choose from and a phone type ariel on the roof but i cant seem to find any way to connect. Any help or advice...
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  • Baz 160 nav
    started a topic Dvd800 Bluetooth pairing

    Dvd800 Bluetooth pairing

    Hi guys so I have a new handset , p20 pro, and I can't get the dvd800 to pair up, have tried the 0000 code and 1234 like it suggests but it won't pair, any ideas ? I've had enough of the dvd800 anyway, maps is way out of date and radio signal is crap
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  • Tom
    started a topic Parrott bluetooth

    Parrott bluetooth

    Hi all, just fitted ls3200 color into my 59 plate estate, I had previously fitted into my 2 previous cars without any problems.
    What I found this morning is when I phoned people, I could hear them clearly but they said there was loads of noise in the background (like traffic or a drill)....
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  • Jon199102
    started a topic Aftermarket Bluetooth

    Aftermarket Bluetooth

    Hi all.

    Although not insignia related it does relate to it's small sibling. If it's in the wrong thread please move.

    My wife is currently driving a Corsa D 1.3cdti design which did not come with Bluetooth.

    At the moment she has being using a 3.5 mm head...
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