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  • Basherburton
    started a topic Android Auto Dilemma

    Android Auto Dilemma

    Apologies if this has been already asked but I have a '16 plate with NAVI 900 , the software version is 23415882. it works beautifully with apple car play( plug my wife's iPhone 7 in, works straight away) but when I plug my android phone in (with android auto installed) it knows there is a phone plugged...
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  • RBH
    started a topic Wheel dilemma

    Wheel dilemma

    Hi guys
    Looking for some advice.

    My atomics go on Tuesday to be refurbed. I get the painted parts done the same colour or do I change them to black or something else????

    Any help/advice/pictures would be appreciated.

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  • sriray
    started a topic Minor reverse dilemma

    Minor reverse dilemma

    Hi Folks,

    An awkward dilemma, not sure how to resolve this.

    A family member has slightly reversed in to a car behind. Damage was very minor, left a note to contact. Family member took picture of the damage after it happened.

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  • Logosgil
    started a topic 20" refurb dilemma

    20" refurb dilemma

    Have you a lot of narrow streets round yours,to kurb every wheel,

    Or maybe something else...
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  • sriray
    started a topic Trim dilemma

    Trim dilemma

    JDR, on 22 May 2014 - 06:16 PM, said:
    Are those trim parts in the facelift exactly the same as the original, that new textured black parts look very nice.

    That is a very good question. I had a look at the new facelift at the dealers and can not tell if it will fit preface especially...
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