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  • X90JML
    started a topic Fault codes

    Fault codes

    Morning, new to this site but hoping I can get some sound advice.
    I have a 2009 Insignia 2.0 Diesel.
    Recently I have had 'AFL' service lamp error come up on the dash.
    Essentially on start up my headlights do the usual 'dance'. My corner lights work, main beam, indicators, fogs...
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  • Vauxhall insignia 170 diesel engine design fault

    I had a 65 reg insignia which had the then new 170 D engine, it developed a nasty engine noise, it was in at the VX dealers at 80k miles for a service and I asked them to look at it, they came back with "its a bit rattly" but ok.
    I wasnt convinced so had it to a local well respected...
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  • Andyk
    started a topic Temperature sensor fault

    Temperature sensor fault


    I have a 2014 Insignia Elite Tourer with a 2.0DTH engine. The outside temp has started reading -40 degrees. I bought a new sensor and it has not made any difference. I have checked the voltage on both cables and not getting any voltage to the sensor. I have checked all the fuses I can...
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  • blitz
    started a topic Service vehicle soon fault ?

    Service vehicle soon fault ?


    Got Service vehicle soon up on dash plug-in OBD fault finder it came up with DTC U0073 code "Control module communication bus A off" has anyone had this before or what it is?

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  • Electric fault with rear passenger door

    Hi guys stuck on this one...
    I have a 2010 insignia elite 160
    The problem is the rear passenger side door window is not working and when the door is opened the car does not recognize it as in I get no warning on the HUD and the lights in the car don't turn on. If I detatch and reattach...
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  • Key fob not unlocking doors intermittent fault

    Hi all, new to this forum.

    I have a 20 diesel 2011 insignia saloon Elite Nav 55000 miles.

    I drove home recently and went to lock my car with the key fob and nothing happened. I tried the spare key but exactly the same. Replaced the battery in the fob but no change....
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  • Service Vehicle Soon message but no fault codes ?

    Hi All,

    My 63 plate diesel Insignia has started giving me the "Service Vehicle Soon" warning but with no fault codes found using the Torque pro app & OBD dongle. The warning DOES go away if I clear fault codes.

    The car runs/drives/starts with no problems even...
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  • Chewy1971
    started a topic glow plugs - common fault??

    glow plugs - common fault??

    Just heard 'glow plugs are a common fault with diesel engines'.... never heard this myself, I know they wear out after a good few years or 80-100k miles, but do they suffer - as a COMMON fault, from from or in relation to - faulty wiring, excessive heat, or fuel leaking from the injector??
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  • Pob240990
    started a topic P11DC Fault Code

    P11DC Fault Code

    Hi all. Iíve had the P11DC fault code come up on the car and after some research Iíve found this is the position 2 NOx sensor. Would any of you know where on the car this is located?
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  • Jordaninsignia14
    started a topic Fault with one of my other motors

    Fault with one of my other motors

    Hi guys [emoji112] not insignia related, Iíve got a transit recovery truck. And hereís a question for the electrical savvy / electricians.. now.. Iíve bought one of these fancy sat Nav radio systems for the truck. Wired it all in as correct as I can see. Now when I have one speaker connected all is...
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  • Insignia Rear Electrics Issue


    Unsure if anyone has had the same issue as below?

    My rear windows have stopped working, occasionally the rear left will work.
    The interior lights no longer come on when either of the rear doors are opened.
    When driving a few weeks ago it came up on...
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  • Iceman205
    started a topic Suspected 4wd fault

    Suspected 4wd fault

    Hi all,
    Had a search through related posts about 4wd problems but could not find answer to my issue.

    I have a 09 insignia 2.0T 4x4 with 90000 on the clock.

    The issue I have is during acceleration through the first 4 gears I get a thud from the rear. The harder I...
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  • Mirrors, Radio, Engine Light Fault

    About a month a go my mirrors stopped folding in using the key fob.

    This week now intermittently (and sometimes going over a bump) the radio head goes blank restarts and the yellow engine fault light comes on. Today the Bluetooth has started to cut out.

    Any idea I am thinking...
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  • Insig65
    started a topic TPMS Fault on Dash

    TPMS Fault on Dash

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a 65 plate insigina 2l sport tourer from a local used car showroom. After picking up the car a few days later, the drive felt very harsh. Playing with the info management system I found the TPMS feature and seen the fronts wear 41 psi and the rears 44 psi. This...
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  • steveg
    started a topic afl fault need help

    afl fault need help

    Hi everyone, I know I have asked this recently but I had an update today on the afl problems. its on my 2009 1.8 elite. start up all seems well lights do there dance etc I can use high beam etc. as soon as I start driving away within 20 to 100yards the service afl comes up and I loose high beam. put...
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