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  • hud
    started a topic Automatic headlights

    Automatic headlights

    Hi hoping someone can help me out I got Vauxhall insignia elite 2011 had since. i got automatic headlights in manual mode they are fine nut in automatic mode they go EU headlight set up mean the kick of is on the right hand side rather then left for UK anyone know way of fixing it will be great hel...
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  • X90JML
    started a topic XENON AFL headlight issue

    XENON AFL headlight issue

    Evening, I'm new to this forum and have tried to navigate around to try and find the answers im after. I'm hoping there is some Vauxhall Electrical specialist out there that can help. Or generally anyone in the know.

    I have a 2009 CDTI Elite. The car has Xenon headlights.
    The issues...
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  • Arfa
    started a topic Fog lights

    Fog lights

    Can anyone tell me if the fog lights are part of the canbus system..
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  • Barnoe
    started a topic Daft question about auto lights

    Daft question about auto lights

    So i was waiting for a friend outside his house with the engine running.

    Lights are lighting the whole road up and blinding oncoming traffic, so i turn the lights off auto.
    They go to daylight mode, which is the LED side lights on bright mode... also too bright.

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  • rabbit
    started a topic Problem with AFL lights, no high beam

    Problem with AFL lights, no high beam

    I have 2009 year Insignia and I have a problem with my AFL lights. When the light switch is set to auto, then I sometimes get service AFL message. I have read the fault codes and the code is U1522 Lin Bus 2 lost communication with device 2. This fault code is stored as intermittent. I...
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  • the gas man
    started a topic Number plate Lights

    Number plate Lights

    cheapo LEDS fitted to number plate lights , straight swap remove bulb fit led bulb,

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  • ade555
    started a topic LED cornering lights AFL

    LED cornering lights AFL


    I'm after your opinion, will be fitting LED for cornering on AFLs and I can go with 2 options as there is reasonable amount of space to fit canbus decoder, just wonder which will offer better all around light pattern as I believe I don't need LED bulb projecting the light out to the...
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  • 2015 sport tourer elite rear lights help please

    Hi guys, bit of a strange one for you but i hope you can help. A long story short - Ive had some paintwork done on the back of my car 2015 elite ST and its come back lovely.... but the right hand rear light is slightly loose now? How do i access the back of the rear light clusters? There doesn't appear...
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  • Interior lights not switching off

    Last week I had been out and about in my car with no issues. But then when I went to start the engine one time, the car sounded like it had a flat battery. I thought I needed a new battery but the battery tested good and the car started fine after a decent run.

    Today came around and the...
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  • Andys1981
    started a topic Reverse lights

    Reverse lights

    Cant believe how dull the originals were...
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  • JamieD
    started a topic Condensation in rear lights

    Condensation in rear lights

    The rear lights on my facelift have condensation in them, the passenger rear light is by far the worst. I have dried the rear lights out and put then back in the car and after coming back home I thought I would have a look and the whole passenger rear cluster is dripping with condensation again. Anyone...
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  • Arfa
    started a topic L.E.D Number plate lights

    L.E.D Number plate lights

    Has anyone fitted the upgrade led number plate lights. I'm looking at a set online which come with no error ballast. If so, are they any good, and do they last. Furthermore are they legal..
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  • emmamatt38
    started a topic (SOLD) Inisignia HID Lights

    (SOLD) Inisignia HID Lights

    for sale

    Insignia hatchback HID Lights taken out in full working order

    Ballast watts is 35watts I believe and Bulbs are 6000k which match the DRL's


    For sale by matthew chamberlain, on Flickr
    For sale by matthew chamberlain, on Flickr...
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  • AFL lights adjustment before/after starting the car?

    Hi guys,

    I tried to level my headlights a few times but with no luck so far it seems. I want to ask first if my AFL is working as expected or it is just me being unable to level them.
    My main concern is that at speeds 90+ km/h, a lot of people flash at me just like I blind them...
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  • the gas man
    started a topic Massive Thanks to RBH rear boot lights

    Massive Thanks to RBH rear boot lights

    As said a massive thanks to RBH for modding my reflectors to working lights, im over the moon with them

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