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  • Ian24
    started a topic Chrome Delete

    Chrome Delete

    Hi all, pretty new to the site but just out of curiousity, has anyone ever done a chrome delete on an Insignia B? I'm in the process of buying an Insignia B and wondering if it looks alright or not
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  • New member - Strongly considering an Insignia

    Good morning everyone,

    Thanks for having me!

    I have a couple of questions if you don't mind, I currently have a 1.6L THP Peugeot 308 '14 plate, which is starting to have a couple of problems, I've decided it's time to sell it, partly due to the problems arising and the...
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  • Barnoe
    started a topic Daft question about auto lights

    Daft question about auto lights

    So i was waiting for a friend outside his house with the engine running.

    Lights are lighting the whole road up and blinding oncoming traffic, so i turn the lights off auto.
    They go to daylight mode, which is the LED side lights on bright mode... also too bright.

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  • bransoj
    started a topic Antifreeze Question

    Antifreeze Question

    Wondering if anyone can assist. As well as the GS Tourer we have an Astra that my wife bought a 5 years ago brand new. Its always been serviced by my uncle then i go through the fun and games of the warranty reactivation with Vauxhall via our local dealer. For whatever reason i never got round to getting...
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  • new member shock absorber torque value question please

    Hi all,
    Need a bit of advice that I could not find on the net and judging by the quality of the threads I’ve read before I signed up I’m pretty sure one or two of you super helpful folk can help me?
    I’ve got a 2009 2.0Cdti auto with the 163 output.
    I had a broken rear coil spring...
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  • Graeme1975
    started a topic Quick question about springs

    Quick question about springs

    Quick question guys. Seen a lowering spring kit for lowering 30mm
    Front 1011kg - 1140kg rear 1070kg.

    Cannae get to car to check manual but will that fit 2.0cdti ?

    Cheers in advance
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  • Damon12345
    started a topic Door code reading question

    Door code reading question

    Hi all
    My insignia has a paint code Z179, I'm going through swapping out bumpers with another car with Z179 paint code,

    Can someone clarify what the difference is between specifications TAAR and TATT please?

    Thanks in advanced
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  • andy298
    started a topic Alarm question time

    Alarm question time

    Afternoon everybody

    I've had a couple of nights of broken sleep due to the damn alarm going off so i tried switching the interior sensors off to eliminate these as the cause and (yay!) it seems to have stopped the random activations so am fairly happy that the motion sensors are the problem....
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  • Intercooler hose change question please

    2.0 DTH 2014.

    Hi, trying to get to the bottom of my DPF regeneration frequency issues (too often) I have checked the intercooler hoses as recommended. Even though the outlet to the intake hose doesn't appear to have an obvious leak, it is oily along the outer surface of the hose. All...
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  • Newbie, car audio question, white noise on tweeters

    Good afternoon Guys and gals,

    Thanks for having me!

    I was hoping someone would be able to help me out,

    I've recently fitted aftermarket, Hertz, components to my 2011 insignia and I now have a "white noise" issue.

    Even before I amped...
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  • A question about cars towing trailers

    Hello everyone, as per title , I was involved in an incident yesterday whereby my wife's car was slightly side swiped by a car towing a boat.
    He failed to adhere to the lane rules on a roundabout and decided his whole outfit looked better in the other lane without looking .anyhow as he crossed...
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  • Navi900 intellilink question


    Have few question regards the Navi900 on 14 plate, car also have dab radio and not sure if this is separated module or is part of the device, I have been reading around and I can see the newer models from 16 plate have projection function, now I know there is no way of updating the...
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  • Odd Job
    started a topic Sat Nav update question.

    Sat Nav update question.

    I have a 09 plate Insignia nav which still has original maps. If I buy an update cd does the update also bring the user interface and user experience into the 21st century? Things that I take for granted on my Tom Tom like postcode search, road speed limits and speed cameras, and proper 3d maps - does...
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  • huey45
    started a topic TPMS General Question

    TPMS General Question

    Hi Guys

    Recently I had to replace the 245x45x18 Rear Tyres on my 2016 Siggy Design Nav, which was done by local Tyrespot
    at the time and I asked if they could put on the Front to replace the part worn ones, the guy explained it
    might upset the system as they are each linked...
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  • Emergency Insignia question.

    Hi guys,

    I am 300 km. from home ATM and the car (2009 2.0CDTi Hatch) feels a bit different when starting/switching it off. It has some sort of a vibration/shake until it's started or completely shut off.

    It's an auto so shouldn't be a flywheel issue (do autos have flywheel?)...
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