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  • Nigel H
    started a topic A Few Questions..

    A Few Questions..

    I've a 2009 Insignia CDTI and I love it..
    BUT there's one thing that pisses me off about it.. the height of the clutch pedal.
    I've searched everywhere and I can't find any info on how to lower, it even a little would help.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
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  • Monkey
    started a topic Now, a silly questions

    Now, a silly questions

    OK, new here as i said, and i have a question. Now, i am new to the Insignia, in fact the last Vauxhall i had was a 1987 Cavalier.

    ANyway, my question. The interior light does not come on when the driver door opens, but does when the passenger door opens. Ant reason why this might be....
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  • Car insurance questions

    Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on some of the vague questions that insurers ask when getting a quote.

    I don't intend for any of this to sound illegal, I'm just trying to make some sense of it. I'm pretty sure the insurers do it on purpose to make and save themselves money!...
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  • GBW
    started a topic Few questions

    Few questions

    Can you change the fuel left warning. Mine goes of between 80 and 90 miles left in the tank.

    How do you remove the front badge

    Does the facelift suffer from the oil seal.

    Insignia 2014 facelift
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  • Diesel exhaust questions

    New to insignias and not had a diesel in a while.

    I want to make my exhuast a bit louder and sexier but don't know my options.

    Without looking under the car, I presume my 2011cdti will have a dpf? The new rules make it harder to get rid of so what else can I do?
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  • GTR
    started a topic Landsail LS588 - questions?

    Landsail LS588 - questions?

    Based on what others have recommended on here and the EU ratings (B, B and 69dB), I'll be getting four 245/35-20 Landsail 588's fitted next week. The tyre place is ordering them in and has asked me if I want Xl or non-XL (£12 cheaper a corner for the non-XL). The OEM Conti's are XL but are they really...
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  • nicpy
    started a topic Couple of questions?

    Couple of questions?

    Just getting used to the ownership of a 2016 1.6 CDti Insignia, had it long enough to find that the trip computer is quite optimistic as it records fuel consumption. I have filled up each time and recorded the mileage which shows an indicated 56 mpg but in reality it is just a fraction over 50 mpg,...
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  • J400CBS
    started a topic New car questions

    New car questions


    Today I picked up my new car, well new to me. A 2011 2.0cdti Sri 160 estate.

    It has a CD400 fittedthat has the “phone” button on it. Does this mean I can connect my iPhone via Bluetooth or do I need an adaptor of some sort?

    Also the car is fitted with...
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  • johnny90
    started a topic 2 questions

    2 questions

    Hi guys

    Little help/advice/opinions needed please

    I am planning on painting my front grill black, just the 3 bars as many people have already done, opinions on what paint to use please, matte, satin or gloss? My car colours is z190 astriod/phantom grey

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  • mbthejester
    started a topic Couple of questions

    Couple of questions

    Is it possible to swap the washer jets for normal jets, just cannot get them right and have given up , Have put a Irmscher number plate surround on, would like to fix the ends on front one flush, was thinking of suitable self tapping screws, but unsure if anything is behind, tried all the various...
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  • Android head unit questions.

    I'm sure I've seen on here a full screen Android system, replacing near enough the whole dash, including the climate control.
    I can't see it anywhere now, anyone know where I can get one.
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  • blueislander
    started a topic new owner with 2 questions!

    new owner with 2 questions!

    Hi all - so I just picked up a low miles 2011 SRI NAV 2.0CDTI 160bhp and have a couple of q's

    1) Despite getting a full service, the coolant is low, it's the older green stuff I think? I have ordered prestone coolant which says it can mix with any variety - does anybody have a view on...
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  • Couple of questions regarding exterior Glass and pointers for clay bars/mits

    First one needs an explanation

    When i bought my siggy it was obviously valeted by the garage, and when it rained water didnt just bead off the body work it did off the windows too.
    and when i used my wipers they glided across the windscreen water just seemed to splash off leaving...
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  • potts
    started a topic Infotainment Questions

    Infotainment Questions

    Hi All

    New to the forum and owning a Insignia - a Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi [140] ecoFLEX Elite Nav 5dr [Start Stop] reg Aug 2014.

    Got some questions !!

    1) Does it have the NAVI 900 - I'm not sure where it says it is? The Software info shows the following...
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  • welshhuw
    started a topic CD400 Questions

    CD400 Questions


    Two questions (at the moment!):

    I have just purchased a 2012 Sri with a CD400 installed, which has the 'Phone' button on the left hand side, as well as on the steering controls. It doesn't appear that I have any settings though to setup a bluetooth phone connection...
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