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    getting rid of ashtray smell

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    We had this in my daughters Corsa, it stank of cigarettes, if you left it closed in the sun the smell was even worse. We tried fabreze, worked for a few hours/days. In the end I used the vax carpet cleaner on all of the seats and carpets I could get at and then left the windows open, it seemed like weeks. By the time she sold it it didnít smell.

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    Ok tonight sprayed half bottle of febreze getting most of inside dampish then car into garage (idea being it does not dry too fast) as dont need car for few days have then ordered holts Bom mentioned few post's back when I'm back home Tuesday will give the roof lining a good spray and if Bom turns up hope to run that and again leave car in cool garage fow few more days I have also got half a tin of aircon cleaner foam so when i find the tube will blast that into vents. Will update with verdict.

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