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I think people get attached to their cars, I had my vectra c for 13 years. That’s the longest ever I have kept a car. Then when the time came to replace it with the insignia, I didn’t want too see it go. That is when my youngest daughters boyfriends father stepped in to buy it. Still see the car running about. Made it so much easier knowing the car was going to stay local.
13 years is a very long time, I missed the vec c as we decided to get a sh!tssat which I now look at an go wtf did I do that for
Owned it for 10 years and hated every minute but the wife loved it, if she had her way the siggy would have been a golf
That was one occasion I'm happy the siggy turned up at the price she did cause now she loves it says she can't believe how dated vag look inside, we got the wee Clio during owning the b6 as it was God dam boring and from then on the love affair began
The siggy definitely can lift her skirt an move hence why I've probably neglected the Clio as you can still get smiles for miles in this big girl even fully loaded. I'm not saying it's the same as the Clio by any means, it's not boring like many other diesels I've driven.
I've always been an 80-90s hot hatch kinda guy (boy racer) but there just fetching far to much money to relive.