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its in such a position i cannot see it even tried endascope camara but its to dark, I have now got the correct EGR blanking plate so while fitting that will try again with some good lighting hanging from above. Was hoping to get turbo gasket set so I can take it off but they need numbers from small plate on turbo, problem is there stamped on to shiny plate which bounces flash on camera back and out of 6 different photos from different angles I cam make out 3 numbers. think drilling/grinding the rivet off with miniature modelling drill is the next move. Normally would pull it to pieces then order whats required but need to keep it on road as expecting paint shop to say they can fit mrs's car in any day so she will need it as I don't like her using insignia to do school run in sheffield (i don't want scuffed wheels).
Try using a light behind camera with flash off