MadMcMad, on Feb 11 2012, 10:51 PM, said:Hi ,

My Insignia is about 7 months old and has done 10,500 miles.??I thought the service interval was 1yr/20,000 miles.??Even for the first service.??2L Diesel Ecoflex.

However I have the "service soon message" when I start the engine.

Am I wrong???Could it indicate a fault???

Nearly all motorway miles and I'm not a boy racer so I can't see why the variable service clever stuff would have deemed above average wear.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

There is an algorithm that tells when the service is due based on a number of parameters. Mine is coming up to 12 months old at end of February with less than 9k on the clock and service vehicle soon is up on display. Mind you it does also depend on how old the vehicle was when you aqcuired it i.e. if it was newly registered to you e.g. in July 2011 but the car was manufactured months before that then when you got the car then your oil ife indicator would not have been 100%. Mine was factory ordered, manufactured 24th Feb 11, registered 5th March 11 and had 98% oil life left when I got it, with 12 miles on the clock.