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It's fantastic, ask anyone that has one.
Selling because I only do 13 mile each way to work and back a day, and most of that is stuck in traffic.
Also my clutch and flywheel went last year, very costly. Got it in my head I shouldn't fit it again. To be honest when it was fitted it spent most of time switched off. When it was taking me up to 2 hours to do 13 miles some nights on way home from work, and minimum of 45 minutes at best it just wasn't practical for me.
Unit is as new, all boxed, original instructions, app controlled, even the sticky pads for holder unused as is the holder.
It's just me and my head, you won't find anyone anywhere saying they have caused issues, well except extra wheel spin when wet .
I can vouch for the pedal boxes. Completely transforms the car (in a good way)
And I understand why MattG is getting rid of it.

This is worth every penny in my eyes especially as itís had minimal use and is controller through an app