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    Forum Key Rings
    I have two of these and find them great and cheap. One can nearly do the whole car without having to wring it out.

    Hope this helps.


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    Try not to fold the microfibre. Ie put it spread out flat on your paint and pull, drag it along in one motion. This will pick up more water and leave the car with less/no streak lines. MF's actually work better when they are slightly wet/damp!

    As Stu said, use another one to finish it off and yes they are better for the paint than Chamios!

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    I only use the the MF cloths for waxing and cleaning the inside as they are great for grabbing spots on the interior.??For drying the car i usually use a shammy (oil leather), get it damp first then over the car, the oil helps with adding a layer and it drys the car fast. dont have to buy the posh ones, pound shop sell them too just buy 2. Have found asda to be the best to buy the MF cloths 6 pack for 3 pounds.
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