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  • Martin84
    started a topic Extremely poor Mpg

    Extremely poor Mpg

    Currently getting average of 29mpg in a 2.0 Turbo diesel automatic. Anyone else having similar? Iíve just bought it and itís only done 7k miles so canít imagine itís really that bad on the fuel. Ps I drive like an old lady.

    Car shows as ď Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 Turbo D BlueInjection Elite...
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  • andyjack
    started a topic How far out are the claimed MPG?

    How far out are the claimed MPG?

    I have just bought a 2.0 cdti 161bhp eco. The claimed figures are 52.3 urban, 65.7 combined and 76.3 extra urban. Now I am not naive enough to think I would be getting those figures however I am completely shocked at how far away the reality is. Initially I was only getting 42mpg combined. This was...
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  • LeeGraham
    started a topic Insignia EcoFlex 2.0L MPG

    Insignia EcoFlex 2.0L MPG

    Hi All,

    I've recently bought a new Insignia EcoFlex 2.0L 2011 Model. Really loving the car, but my main concern is the MPG.

    I've been driving from Pontypridd to Cardiff Bay, which is around 30 miles round trip, daily Mon-Fri. And so far it's cost me £40 a week on Diesel....
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  • Tdods
    started a topic 28 MPG in Insignia B

    28 MPG in Insignia B

    Hi all, Iíve had my Insignia B for just over a month now and I whilst I love the car I cannot believe how bad it is on fuel. Itís just over a year old and has 9k miles on the clock itís a sports tourer 2.0 diesel automatic and itís averaging 28mpg. I drive it extremely carefully but you can almost watch...
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  • Chewy1971
    started a topic Grandsport - Remap - MPG

    Grandsport - Remap - MPG


    Are there any remappers on here? Can't understand why the Grandsport is only returning 45mpg when the facelift 170 returned 63mpg. The Grandsport is a lot lighter so should be better. Are there any remappers on here who can - get more mpg and bit more poke? I've had remapped cars...
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  • Flick19191
    started a topic Mpg


    So I bought a 140 Insignia only has 6700 miles on and Iím getting really low mpg any idea why I do mix of motor and town driving and donít thrash it
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  • Jonny
    started a topic Poor MPG

    Poor MPG

    So my 160 cdti is averaging high 20ís to mid 30ís😢 it does 60miles a day on dual carriageways so get s a good run and doesnít get thrashed
    Any thoughts ?
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  • deveus
    started a topic Grand Sport 2.0 Turbo d 170 mpg

    Grand Sport 2.0 Turbo d 170 mpg

    For all the GS owners.....any idea what might be causing such a low mpg figure on my car? I've just moved from a Mazda 6 (2.2d 150ps) and would routinely get a daily commute mpg of 44.5. This was combo city/little motorway driving over roughly 17 miles each way.
    With the Insignia, I'm struggling...
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  • Minuteman
    started a topic Grand Sport Adblue mpg

    Grand Sport Adblue mpg

    just done a little over 4000 miles since I got the Grand Sport and a message has just flashed up saying I have 1417 miles left in adblue tank.
    I'm assuming it was filled up when I got it (tho wouldn't bet on it) so I figure that makes it about 5.5k per tank full?
    How does that compare...
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  • Jon199102
    started a topic Closest to the claimed mpg!

    Closest to the claimed mpg!

    Hi all.

    Firstly I've owned this car for over a month and a half. I do mostly motorway driving and covered close to 2k worth of milage.

    I try my best to drive as eco as possible and generally get between 58 - 62 mpg.

    I decided to put to test the Vauxhall...
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  • Trip Computer MPG Issue

    Hi Peeps

    I'm having a few issues with my MPG reading on the Trip screens on the clocks console, I'm driving a 2013 facelift Elite CDTi

    My MPG goes from the usual lets say 46.00MPG to 0.00MPG every now and then. Is this normal or is everyone else having the same problem...
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  • lambrettabad
    started a topic 1.8 Exclusive MPG

    1.8 Exclusive MPG

    Hi All, just bought a 1.8 VVT Exclusive. I seem to be getting about 420 miles on a full tank (60L) is this normal? Tyres are 245/45/18. I think that works out about 31mpg.
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  • silky1873
    started a topic terrible mpg 170 hp diesels

    terrible mpg 170 hp diesels

    wondered if anyone elses mpg has plummeted since vx done the emissions update , i was getting around 43 mpg for my daily commute and had to take it in to my dealer for a faulty glow plug where they done the update , now doing the same journeys and keeping tabs over the last 2 months im struggling...
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  • Kevg1988
    started a topic Insignia 2.0 CDTI mpg

    Insignia 2.0 CDTI mpg

    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me. What should I be getting mpg for my insignia 2.0cdti. At the minute around town it's averaging 26mpg.
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  • brettstanley1992
    started a topic Mpg


    Hi all, I'm new here. I have the 2011 160bhp cdti model. I can't seem to get the MPG above 34 to, granted most of my driving is in the city. Is this normal ?
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