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Another Turbo Hose Recall?

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  • Another Turbo Hose Recall?

    So, the BiTurbo was in yesterday morning for its 24 month service. Bit of a story this, so...., bear with me.

    As the car was being booked in, I was told that there were a couple of recall notices outstanding and was asked if I had received the letters from Vauxhall.

    "No...what letters?" says I.

    I then asked what was outstanding.

    "An inspection of the turbo vanes, and the intercooler outlet hose" I was told.

    "Fine" I say. Although.., I am a bit puzzled, as a replacement hose was fitted under warranty following the first service.

    I was a bit put out that Vauxhall's communication processes had fallen on their butts... again. But happy that the dealer seemed to be keeping tabs.

    Then it went down hill.

    When I made the service appointment, I had pre-booked a courtesy car. A very sheepish "service administrator" now tells me that although the booking is on the system, no car has been allocated from the pool. And, all available cars are in use.

    After some discussion with the service manager, my car is pushed to the top of the workshop queue, and I go off to sit in the showroom for a couple of hours, drinking tea until I start to grow gills. Fortunately, I was on a rest-day. It would have been a bit awkward if I had needed to go to work.

    Two and a half hours later, I am informed that my car is ready. I go back to the service desk and complete the paperwork.

    The administrator points out a couple of advisories about the front and rear brake pads binding due to dirt in the carriers, but that everything else is fine.

    Nothing is said about the recalls, so I assume everthing needed has been done.

    Ohh...and due to the inconvenience of not getting the promised courtesy car, the charge for the recommended brake fluid replacement has been waived.

    With that, I settle up and off I go.

    This morning, after returning from a run on the bike to the Harley dealers, I find a telephone message, saying that the warranty parts for my car are now in and can I book the car in again for fitting. "WTF??" methinks .

    So I phone back.

    "Yes sir, the warranty parts for your car have arrived. Can we make you an appointment to have them fitted?" says the service manager.

    "Err..what warranty parts?" I ask. "Nothing was said yesterday when I collected the car, after it was serviced."

    " Oh..ahh... will you hold for one moment sir?". Then there is some discussion in the background before I get switched to the dealer's corporate jingle.

    A couple of minutes later...??"Hello sir.. Sorry about the miscommunication yesterday... The intercooler outlet hose needs to be replaced. There have been some issues with the rubber and re-inforcing mesh delaminating."

    "Alright" I say. "But what about the hose that was replaced after the first service?"

    "That's right sir, it shows on the screen here. This is a different recall for another hose".

    So, with that, I make an appointment to have the work done next Monday.

    Knowing how complex the intercooler plumbing is on the BiTurbo, I wonder how many more times the car will have to go back before the entire system has been replaced.

    Nothing was said following the service about the inspection of the turbo vanes. I don't know whether they just check that the external mechanism is moving freely, or visually inspect the actual vanes.

    So far though, neither the dealership, nor Vauxhall are inspiring much confidence on this occasion.
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    Don't honestly know. Since I've never had any info from Vauxhall about it, I don't know what specific models are affected.

    The parts used on a BiTurbo are obviously different from those fitted with a single turbo. But the same issue could conceivably apply to both types.

    Over the phone, I was just told it was the intercooler outlet hose.

    But there are two intercoolers, so two oulet hoses, a joining T-piece, a blending valve and a common hose to the inlet manifold. It could be any or all of these parts that are involved.
    Elite ST 2.0i Auto. Power Red With All The Toys