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insignia 2.0T 2009 gear change problems

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  • insignia 2.0T 2009 gear change problems

    Could well be a similar problem. If it is actually "crunching", then the clutch is possibly dragging, or the gear shift linkage may need adjusting.

    If it is just stiff, then it may just be that until the gearbox is warmed up, the higher oil viscosity is increasing the effort needed to move the gearsets into mesh.

    There are 2 manual gearboxes listed, the M32 and the F40. Both are used for both diesel and petrol models.

    I think the F40 has the higher torque rating so it is likely to be the one fitted to 2.0T, 2.8V6, CDTi160 and Biturbo CDTi195 engines.

    It also seems to be the one that gets the most complaints.
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