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Decal removal/refitting

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  • Decal removal/refitting

    Hi all,

    Bit of a stupid question probably, but I want to remove some badges from the boot lid and replace with others - what's the best way of getting the new ones straight and in the right place?

    I know about removing the old with a hairdryer etc, but just don't want to muck up the new badges by getting them skewiff!

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    So what ya removing and what's the replacement ?


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      Thanks guys, I was thinking masking tape, but was just seeing if anyone had any other bright ideas!

      CDTI is coming off, and I've picked up an ELITE off the 'bay (old style, not the front wing badge).

      Pics will follow when complete!


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        Pics as promised!


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          Thanks Dave,

          Followed your advice and taped below and to the right of the old badge, then removed it and stuck on the new one in the same place!

          Spacing wasn't an issue as it came on a plastic sheet with a paper backing, take the paper backing off and the plastic holds the letters in place until fitted then just peel it off!

          There was a bit of residue left from the old badge even after using the sticky stuff remover, but a tiny bit of t-cut saw the back of that!