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Rear differential eLSD oil change

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  • Rear differential eLSD oil change

    With 125.000km I decide to change rear differential oil. Opel(Vauxhall) state that it is "fill for life" (it is also stated for transferbox, Haldex coupling, automatic transmmision AF40, power steering itc.- so you dont need to change anything ....but I will change them all )
    IMPORTANT! This is ONLY for 4x4 drivetrain with eLSD (electronic limited slip differential), on other models it could be other fluid, so check manual/part catalog!!! I think this is only option for Insignia 4x4 but double check.

    First you need oil, GM/SAAB 93165388 or 1940058 ,very expensive 80-100eur/1L.
    Equivalent DEXRON LS GEAR OIL 75W-90 GM 88862624 (ACDelco 10-4034 18-22$ in USA)
    It is gear oil 75W-90 with limited slip additive.
    There are aftermarket oils for 20-25eur/1L:
    MOTUL Gear LS 300 75W-90
    But because ELSD I choose to go with original and order AC Delco from USA (you get 0.946ml instead of litre)

    Locate rear differential. It is betweene rear wheels behinde Haldex coupling which is nearer to engine.
    Use 3/8" wrench socket extension to remove fill plug and check oil level.

    This is IMPORTANT!
    Oil level should be at plug hole level, slowly starting to come out or can be seen in hole.
    If it is significantly low, this is sign of leak.
    BUT IF IT IS HIGH, comig out at large ammounte, this is sign that Haldex oil is comig through seal in rear differential.
    THIS IS SERIOUS! Immediately check Haldex oil level and if it is low see expert.

    Both plugs had some stuff on them but nothing big

    Let oil drain and take time to clean both plugs.

    Put back drain plug, dont overtighten it, it has plastic washer.
    Use pump to pour oil through fill hole. It is full when it start to come out. You will need 600ml of oil.

    Put back fill plug(dont overtighten it, it has plastic washer) and clean oil from diff. Brake cleaner come in handy for later leak inspection.

    Old oil was little brown but after 125000 km not so bad, especially compared to transfer box oil (PTO unit).

    JOB DONE! (Only Haldex left)

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    Thanks oggy.
    Excellent post.thinking back to my vxr, seals and oil were replaced under warranty (thankfully)as they were failing after only 12k.
    ‘fill for life’...hmmm!


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      Fantastic love it.

      Why cant we see the pictures when we click on them?


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        Can`t remember where did I post pictures, but server is not running anymore