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gear changing points and gear selection advice

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  • gear changing points and gear selection advice

    I have a 130 and change about 2k rpm. seems to get best mpg when cruising at 66-69 mph with cc on .
    ​2015 Sri vx line nav Biturbo . Sri heated leather.5500k AFL . Vx line 20s,8inch LCD dash .FLEXride.Reverse cam.Irmscher grill.235hp and 480 torqs.30mm lowering springs.20mm H&R spacers all round. Mtec drilled discs on rear,VXR 355mm drilled on front,with Brembo 4 pot calipers. Auto wipers .VX puddle lights.Carbon effect black roof wrap.Irmscher roof spoiler.Irmscher side skirts.

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    that`s what i was curious too, i change at about 2k but, when i am drivinf town, ususally get stuck in the 3rd with 1.5k an up until 2 k. The first one gets a little bit higher, at about 2.5 k, but the second and the third change at about 2k.

    I guess, the best consumption is when the rpm is not that high, so cruising in the 6th at around 1..5k until 2k would be ok. But, as i am having consumption problems, i must be wrong ... so ...if anyone cares to enlighten me (us) away !!!

    In the morning, as it`s cold, i tend to let her warm for a few minutes before pulling away ...


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      I change at 2k, agree with gently accelerating, bit obviously not dangerously so. Even gentle acceleration in mine seems quick enough to keep pace.

      80/20 spilt of motorway and town driving seems to give about 55mpg on 38psi tyres.

      I have recently found that 4th at 30mph is ok as long as you're not going up any steep hills.

      Sri 160 btw.